What Is VDEX

VDex, is a distributed, decentralized digital-currencies exchange with emphasis on user experience and community development and governance. By accessing established technologies and planning selective new protocols with priority on security, speed, authentication, ease of use, scalability, and multi-asset support, VDex intends to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions by assembling a portfolio of decentralized applications built on EOS.IO smart contracts

User Friendly

Through researching the needs of traders and exhaustive testing, the interface of VDEX will be updated regularly to provide the most ergonomic and easiest to use features and dashboard. Customizations will be available to provide settings and features which suit traders who are beginners or advanced users and toggle to balance these features will ensure a personal experience for each individual.


VDEX is extensible, this means that it can be scaled in a very important way, by leveraging the leading cross blockchain protocols in one tool, VDEX will allow the bridging of order books. This allows the VDEX’ order-books to plug into the order-books of other decentralized exchanges and their order-books to plug into VDEX. The idea is that, as much as possible, decentralized exchanges becomes a single liquidity pool in order to provide the maximum benefit to cryptocurrency traders.


User’s assets are not stored on an exchange or in any central location, each user has an individual Volentix wallet called -Verto-. This will allow a greater level of security allowing each user to hold their assets and their private keys

VDEX White Paper


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